Mu.Ta.Lig - COST ACTION CA15135

Dr. Daniele DI MARINO

14 June 2016


General information

Name: Daniele
Surname: Di Marino
Cell phone number with international prefix: +393334370864
Country: Italy
Affiliation: Department of Informatics, Institute of Computational Science

Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI)

Gender: F M
Year of the PhD title: 6
Personal web page:
Previous COST participation: No □ Yes


List of 10 selected publications within last 5 years

1. Genetic predisposition for beta cell fragility underlies type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Dooley J, Tian L, Schonefeldt S, Delghingaro-Augusto V, Garcia-Perez J E, Pasciuto E, Di Marino D, Carr E J, Oskolkov N, Lyssenko V, Franckaert D, Lagou V, Overbergh L, Vandenbussche J, Allemeersch J, Chabot-Roy G, Dahlstrom J, Socha L, Gevaert K, Jetten A M, Lambrechts D, Linterman M A, Goodnow C C, Nolan C J, Lesage S, Schlenner SM, Liston A. Nature Genetics. 2016, in press.
2. All-atom Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Protein Translocation Through an α-hemolysin

Nanopore. Di Marino D, Bonome E, Tramontano A, Chinappi M. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 2015, 6 (15): 2963–2968.

3. Exploring the role of MKK7 in excitotoxicity and cerebral ischemia: a novel pharmacological

strategy against brain injury. Vercelli A, Biggi S, Sclip A, Repetto IR, Cimini S, Falleroni F, Tomasi S,

Monti R, Tonna N, Morelli F, Grande V, Stravalaci M, Biasini E, Marin O, Bianco F, Di Marino D,

Borsello T. Cell death and Disease. 2015, 6:e1854.

4. A unique binding mode of the eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4E for guiding the design of novel peptide inhibitors. Di Marino D*, D’Annessa I, Tancredi H, Bagni C, Gallicchio E. Protein Sci. 2015, 24(9):1370-82. *Corresponding Author
5. Characterization of the differences in the cyclopiazonic acid binding mode to mammalian and P. falciparum Ca2+ pump: a computational study. Di Marino D, Coletta A, D’Annessa I, Via, A,

Tramontano A. Proteins: Structure, Function and Bioinformatics. 2015, 83(3):564-74.

6. MD and docking studies seveal that the functional switch of CYFIP1 is mediated by a butterfly-like motion. Di Marino D, De Rubeis S, Achsel T, Chillemi G, Tramontano T, Bagni C. J. Chem. Theory Comput. 2015, 11(7):3401–3410.
7. SAP97-mediated ADAM10 trafficking from Golgi outposts depends on PKC phosphorylation.

Saraceno S, Marcello E, Gardoni F, Di Marino D, Borroni B, Claeysen S, Perroy J, Padovani A,

Tramontano A, Di Luca M. Cell Death and Desease. 2014, 5:e1547.

8. Exploring the unfolding pathway of MBP: an integrated computational approach. Guardiani C, Di Marino D, Tramontano A, Chinappi M, Cecconi F. J. Chem. Theory Comput. 2014, 10 (9):3589–3597.
9. The crystal structure of Giardia duodenalis g14-3-3 in the apo form reveal unique features of 14-3-3 protein family. Fiorillo A, Di Marino D, Bertuccini L, Via A, Ilari A, Lalle M. PLoS One. 2014,


10. Molecular dynamics simulations show how the FMRP Ile304Asn mutation destabilizes the KH2 domain structure and affects its function. Di Marino D, Achsel T, Lacoux C, Falconi M, Bagni C. J Biomol Struct Dyn. 2014, 32(3):337-50.


Main skills and expertise (up to 5)

1. Bioinformatics
2. Neuroscience
3. Computational chemistry
4. Drug Design
5. Molecular Dynamics


Main equipment/facilities available in the participants’ lab (up to 5)

1. The CUB cluster consists of 3×14 IBM Blades, each equipped with two quad-core Opteron (Barcelona) and 16 GiB usable main memory. The blades are connected by 4x DDR Infiniband with low latency and high throughput.
2. The Petrosino GPU machine consists of a Dual Xeon E5-2620 v3 2.4 GHz, 3 GeForce GTX 980, 3 HHD 1TB, 32GB RAM