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List of joined COST participants currently registered in MuTaLig COST Action

Country People Profile
Austria Dr Norbert Haider Profile
Belgium Dr Serge Van Calenbergh Profile
Czech Republic Dr Marcela Dvořáková Profile
Czech Republic Dr Rudolf Vosátka Profile
Czech Republic Dr Martin Kratky Profile
Czech Republic Dr Lucia Semelková Profile
Czech Republic Dr Martin Dolezal Profile
France Dr Christian D. Muller Profile
France Dr Dragos Horvath Profile
France Dr Christian Cavé Profile
Germany Dr Thanigaimalai Pillaiyar Profile
Germany Dr Christoph Enzensperger Profile
Greece Dr Athina Geronikaki Profile
Greece Dr Athina Geronikaki Profile
Hungary Prof György Németh Profile
Hungary Dr Balazs Balogh Profile
Hungary Dr Ruth Deme Profile
Israel Dr Yosipof Abrham Profile
Italy Dr Simona Distinto Profile
Italy Dr Francesco Ortuso Profile
Italy Dr Elias Maccioni Profile
Italy Dr Roberta Rocca Profile
Italy Dr Bianco Giulia Profile
Italy Dr Maria Rosa Buemi Profile
Italy Dr Claudia Melis Profile
Italy Dr Laura De Luca Profile
Italy Dr Rita Meleddu Profile
Italy Dr Giulia Nesi Profile
Italy Dr Simona Sestito Profile
Italy Dr Claudia Finamore Profile
Italy Dr Alessia Caso Profile
Italy Dr Laura Lelo Profile
Italy Dr Elvira Bruno Profile
Italy Dr Vijay Sonar Profile
Italy Dr Filippo Cottiglia Profile
Italy Dr Ugo Perricone Profile
Italy Dr Carmine Talarico Profile
Italy Dr Oriana Tabarrini Profile
Italy Dr António Quotadamo Profile
Italy Dr Livio Brasili Profile
Italy Prof Claudia Sissi Profile
Italy Dr Camilla Cristofari Profile
Italy Dr Isabella Romeo Profile
Italy Dr Jenny Desantis Profile
Italy Prof Rosaria Gitto Profile
Italy Dr Maria Valeria D’Auria Profile
Italy Prof Simona Rapposelli Profile
Poland Dr Tomasz Wichur Profile
Poland Dr Justyna Godyn Profile
Poland Dr Jakub Jonczyk Profile
Portugal Dr Tiago Silva Profile
Portugal Dr José Teixeira Profile
Portugal Dr Joana Reis Profile
Portugal Dr Andre Fonseca Profile
Portugal Dr Sofia Benfeito Profile
Portugal Dr Fernando Cagide Profile
Portugal Dr Daniel Chavarria Profile
Portugal Dr Carlos Fernandes Profile
Portugal Dr Catarina Oliveira Profile
Portugal Dr Daniel Martins Profile
Serbia Dr Nenad Filipovic Profile
Serbia Ms Jelica Vucicevic Profile
Slovakia Mr Peter Šramel Profile
Slovenia Dr Michaela Barančoková Profile
Slovenia Dr Andraz Lamut Profile
Slovenia Dr Davide Benedetto Tiz Profile
Spain Dr Julio Alvarez Profile
Spain Dr Myriam Ciordia Profile
Spain Mr Marco Leonardi Profile
Spain Mr Angel Cores Esperón Profile
Spain Dr Miryam Pastor-Fernández Profile
Spain Dr José M. Orduña Profile
Spain Dr Bruno Geronimo Profile
Spain Dr Beatriz Pascual-Teresa Profile
Spain Dr Sara Gutierrez Profile
Switzerland Prof Michele Parrinello Profile
Switzerland Mr Doriano Fabbro Profile
Switzerland Dr Marco Zardi Profile
Turkey Dr Vildan Alptuzun Profile