Mu.Ta.Lig - COST ACTION CA15135

Awarded STSM Grants

1st Grant Period



Mr Alejandro Escobar – Design and synthesis of fluorinated Keap1 inhibitors for setting up 19F-based NMR screening assays and finding novel neuroprotective compounds. ECOST-STSM-CA15135-171016-081125 from 17-10-2016 to 13-01-2017 Department of Drug Design and Pharmacology, University of Copenhagen, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark Prof Anders Bach –
Dr Carmen Festa – Computer-aided drug design of multi-target ligands of bile acid receptors for the treatment of metabolic disorders. ECOST-STSM-CA15135-011116-081126 from 01-11-2016 to 01-02-2017 Institute of Computational Science, Faculty of Informatics, Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI), Lugano, Switzerland Prof Vittorio Limongelli –
Dr Luis Emiliano Pena Altamira – Development of multi-target directed ligands with a neuroprotective and neuroregenerative mechanism of action. ECOST-STSM-CA15135-211116-081088 from 21-11-2016 to 16-12-2016 Spanish Council for Research, Biological Research Center, Madrid, Spain Dr Ana Martinez –
Dr Ziga Jakopin Dual NOD1/NOD2 antagonists as immunomodulatory agents ECOST-STSM-CA15135-36021 from 09/01/2017 to 19/04/2017 University of Milan, Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacological and Biomolecular Sciences, Laboratory of Toxicology, IT Prof Emanuela Corsini –
MsLejlaHalilovic Combinatorial treatment of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas with Metformin and Thymoquinone ECOST-STSM-CA15135-36100 from 25/01/2017 to 25/02/2017 Institute of Oncology Research, CH Dr Eugenio Gaudio –
MsFilipaRamilo-Gomes A multi-target approach to anticancer therapy: Design of novel epigenetic inhibitors. ECOST-STSM-CA15135-36268 from 30/01/2017 to 03/03/2017 InteLigand Software Entwicklungs und Consulting, AT DrSharon Bryant –
Dr Eva Mezeiova N-propargyl-naphthoquinone hybrids: New disease-modifying agents for Alzheimer’s disease ECOST-STSM-CA15135-35172 from 30/01/2017 to 28/04/2017 Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry, Institute of Organic Chemistry of Madrid, National Research Council, ES Prof Jose Marco-Contelles, –
MsAgnieszkaOlejarz Dual-target ligands for the orphan G protein-coupled receptors GPR18/GPR55 for immune modulationand cancere COST-STSM-CA15135-35207 from 01/03/2017 to 30/04/2017 University of Bonn Pharmaceutical Institute Pharmaceutical Chemistry I, DE Prof Christa Müller,