Mu.Ta.Lig - COST ACTION CA15135

WG2: Selection of biological targets and assessment of biological data

WG2 Leader

Dr. Eugenio Gaudio – Institute of Oncology Research, via Vela 66500 Bellinzona (Switzerland) –

WG2 Objectives

This Working Group will focus on biophysical and biological tests able to distinctively measure affinities and activities of small molecule ligands against specific macromolecular targets, selected on the basis of their known roles in the pathophysiology of disease. The WG priority will be for bimolecular targets in disease networks, structurally resolved by NMR and/or X-ray experiments in presence of ligands complexed into their binding pockets.

WG2 Tasks

  • selecting the therapeutically relevant molecular targets on the basis of structure availability and their role in disease networks;
  • up-to-dating best biophysical test for the evaluation of ligands against selected targets;
  • optimizing biological protocols for determining the target implication in vitro

WG2 Milestones

  • compiling the list of the targets to be processed in silico by other WGs;
  • updating the methods and procedures to biophysically characterize ligand-target interactions;
  • optimizing procedures for fast and convenient in vitro biological tests of selected targets.

WG2 Deliverables

  • reviewing and optimizing biophysical and biological tests useful for measuring ligand affinities and/or activities;
  • starting a biological catalog program;
  • providing with optimized biophysical and biological tests able to simplify the scientific communication with experimental and theoretical chemists of other WGs; list of targets and their combinations relevant for the rational design of multiple ligands.

WG2 Affiliations

Firstname Lastname Position CTRY
Radostina Alexandrova MC Member BG
Akram Alian MC Member IL
Adina ARVINTE MC Member RO
Lina Baranauskienė MC Substitute LT
Pavla Bojarova MC Substitute CZ
Susana Cristobal MC Member SE
Richard Alan Engh MC Member NO
Wieslawa  Agnieszka Fogel MC Member PL
Eugenio Gaudio MC Member CH
Jan Korabecny MC Substitute CZ
Celine J. Marmion MC Member IE
Dariusz Matosiuk MC Member PL
Christiana A. Mitsopoulou MC Member EL
Christa Müller MC Member DE
Francisco Javier Pavón MC Member ES
Rona Ramsay MC Member UK
Bart Roman MC Member BE
Claire Shoemake MC Member MT
Holger Stark MC Member DE
Pavel Starkov MC Member EE
Vasilica TOMA MC Member RO
Ioannis P. Trougakos MC Substitute EL
Jan Vacek MC Member CZ
Gunay Yetik Anacak MC Member TR
Asta Zubrienė MC Member LT