Mu.Ta.Lig - COST ACTION CA15135

WG1: Development of new chemical entities

WG1 Leader

Dr. Danijel Kikelj – Faculty of Pharmacy University of Ljubljana Askerceva 71000 Ljubljana (Slovenia) –

WG1 Objectives

This Working Group will provide to Chemoteca new chemical entities, i.e. small organic molecules, preferably based on privileged scaffolds, obtained by means of synthetic traditional and advanced methods or by extraction from natural sources, such as plants, functional foods and microorganisms. This WG will also synthesize the multi-target ligands designed in WG 4.

WG1 Tasks

  • up-to-dating synthetic routes applied to drug discovery programs;
  • optimizing protocols for easy extractions of essential oils and nutraceuticals;
  • synthesis, purification and physico-chemical characterization of bioactive compounds.

WG1 Milestones

  • compiling the list of “’in-house” chemical entities;
  • updating during the Action the list with new synthetic and/or extracted bioactive compounds;
  • scaling up fine-tuning the decoration of the scaffolds, extraction in function of the predicted and/or experimentally determined activities or affinities toward multiple targets.

WG1 Deliverables

  • reviewing and optimizing synthetic routes and extraction protocols to obtain compounds of interest;
  • starting a chemical catalog program;
  • providing with new chemical entities guided by scientific interactions with biologists and computational chemists belonging to other WGs.

WG1 Affiliations

Firstname Lastname Position Country
Akram Alian MC Member IL
Constantinos Athanassopoulos MC Substitute EL
Andrej Bohac MC Member SK
Maria Laura Bolognesi MC Member IT
Fernanda Borges MC Member PT
Maurizio Botta MC Substitute IT
Bruno Botta MC Substitute IT
Luc Demange MC Member FR
Vladimir Dobricic MC Substitute RS
Slavica Filipic MC Member RS
Alfonso T. Garcia-Sosa MC Member EE
Alexandra Gaspar MC Substitute PT
Gilles HANQUET MC Member FR
Danijel Kikelj MC Member SI
Jan Korabecny MC Substitute CZ
Vincent Lisowski MC Substitute FR
Jose Marco-Contelles MC Substitute ES
Celine J. Marmion MC Member IE
Dariusz Matosiuk MC Member PL
Peter Matyus MC Member HU
Florence Mccarthy MC Substitute IE
Christiana A. Mitsopoulou MC Member EL
Christa Müller MC Member DE
Kamil Musilek MC Member CZ
Christophe Rochais MC Substitute FR
Bart Roman MC Member BE
Claire Shoemake MC Member MT
Eddy Sotelo MC Member ES
Gary Stack MC Member IE
Holger Stark MC Member DE
Pavel Starkov MC Member EE
Magne Olav Sydnes MC Member NO
Tamara Todorovic MC Substitute RS
Tihomir Tomasic MC Member SI
Jan Vacek MC Member CZ
Jarmila Vinšová MC Substitute CZ
Ivo Grabchev MC Member BG
David Magri MC Member MT