Mu.Ta.Lig - COST ACTION CA15135

Prof. Christiana A. MITSOPOULOU

14 June 2016


General information

Name: Christiana
Surname: Mitsopoulou
Cell phone number with international prefix: +30 6944883569
Country: Greece
Affiliation: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Chemistry Dept.
Gender: F X M
Year of the PhD title: 1990
Personal web page: http://
Previous COST participation: No □ Yes x


List of 10 selected publications within last 5 years

1. ‘Re(I) tricarbonyl complex of 1,10-phenanthroline-5,6-dione: DNA binding, cytotoxicity, anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant effects towards Platelet Activating Factor’, Michael Kaplanis, George Stamatakisb, Vasiliki D. Papakonstantinoub, Maria Paravatou-Petsotasc, Constantinos A. Demopoulosb, C. A. Mitsopoulou,, J. Biol. Inorg. Chem. 135 (2014) 1-9.
2. Synthesis, Characterization,,DNA binding, and Photocleavage Activity of Oxorhenium(V) Complexes with alpha Diimine and Quinoxaline Ligands’ C. A. Mitsopoulou, A. Dagas, Bioinorg. Chem. & Appl.,,(2010), Artcl. Num.: 973742   DOI: 10.1155/2010/973742
3. “Synthesis, structural and DFT studies of a peroxo-niobate complex of the biological ligand 2-quinaldic acid’ A. Maniatiakou, C. Makedonas, C.A. Mitsopoulou, C. Raptopoulou, I. Rizopoulou, A. Terzis, A. Karaliota, Polyhedron 27 (2008) 3398-3408.


4. ‘Synthesis and characterization of oxorhenium compounds with α-diimine ligand. Studies on their interactions with C.T.-DNA and the deoxynucleotides d(5′-CCAGGCCTGG-3′), d(5′-GTCGACGTCGAC-3′) and d(5′-GTGCACGTGCAC-3′)’ C. Dagas and C.A. Mitsopoulou*, J. Inorg,Βιοchem, (2010)
5. Synthesis, characterization, DFT studies and DNA binding of mixed platinum (II) complexes containing quinoxaline and 1,2-dithiolate ligands Journal of Inorganic BiochemistryC. A. Mitsopoulou*, C. E. Dagas, C. Makedonas J. Ιnorg. Biochemistry, 102  (2008) 77-86.
6. “Characterization and DNA interaction of the Pt(II) (pq)(bdt) complex. A theoretical and experimental research.” has been accepted for publication in Inorganica Chimica Acta, C.A. Mitsopoulou*, C. Dagas, C. Makedonas, Inorg. Chim. Acta, 361 (2008) 1973-1982.


Main skills and expertise (up to 5)

1.      Synthesis
2.      DNA binding experiments
3.      Photochemistry  (PDT)
4.Theoretical Calculations and Simulations


Main equipment/facilities available in the participants’ lab (up to 5)

1.      NMR 300MHz ( with all the metal nuclei)
2.      GC-MS
3.       All the necessary equipments for  molecular binding
4.      Illumination Sourcres (Xenon Lamp, fluorescence etc)
5.      Computer Clusters.


Short personal activity proposal for the COST Action CA15135 (max 1000 characters)


Synthesis, purification and physicochemical characterization of bioactive compounds (new small molecules). Studies on their interaction properties with target molecules. The complexation of the aforementioned complexes with metal ions that play an important role in biological aspects. Biological tests determining the activity of these compounds in multitarget aspects at the same time (e.g anticancer activity, anti-inflammatory and antiocoagular effects etc). These we also be examined under illumination.


Work Group preference: score from 1 (preferred) to 4 (not preferred)

Work Group of the CA15135 COST Action Score
WG1: Development of new chemical entities x
WG2: Selection of biological targets and assessment of biological data x
WG3: Development of chemical databases  
WG4: Development of Computational methods for multiple ligand design and discovery