Mu.Ta.Lig - COST ACTION CA15135

1st WG meeting – MuTaLig COST Action Hotel Novotel Budapest Danube – Budapest, November 19-20 2016

13 September 2016


The first joint working groups (WG) meeting will be organized in order to consolidate contacts and exchange experiences among experimental and theoretical scientists belonging to all four WGs. This is an important issue for fast and efficient creation of the COST Action Chemoteca and to prioritize the most relevant macromolecular targets for the next COST Action investigations. The paradigm proposed by the Nobel laureate Paul Ehrlich in the field of poly-pharmacology will constitute the unifying theme of the meeting. The idea to put this meeting immediately after that related to the Paul Ehrlich is important to promote the interaction with a network prone to the development of poly-pharmacology issue.

The fixed rates will be slightly reduced in order to allow a larger participation; the scientific participation will be possible with oral and poster contributions. A number of experts related to WGs will be also invited.

The WG meeting proceedings will be realized on line and put on the COST web site. Specific outputs of the meeting will be:

  • Experimental tools in the identification of new multi-target chemical entities;
  • Synthetic/extracting best practices for drug discovery purposes;
  • Therapeutically relevant molecular targets: selections on the basis of structure availability and their role in disease networks;
  • Reviewing computational tools for creating chemical databases and for virtual screening approaches.

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