Mu.Ta.Lig - COST ACTION CA15135


5 December 2016


General information

Name: Tamara
Surname: Todorović
Cell phone number with international prefix: +381641684868
Country: Serbia
Affiliation: Faculty of Chemistry – University of Belgrade
Gender: F x M
Year of the PhD title: 2010
Personal web page: http://
Previous COST participation: No □ Yes x


List of 10 selected publications within last 5 years

1.    T. Todorović, S. Grubišić, M. Pregelj, M. Jagodič, S. Misirlić-Denčić, M. Dulović, I. Marković, O. Klisurić, A. Malešević, D. Mitić, K. Anđelković, N. Filipović, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, (2015) 3921-3931
2.    N. R. Filipović, S. Bjelogrlić, A. Marinković, T. Ž. Verbić, I. N. Cvijetić, M. Senćanski, M. V. Rodić, M. Vujčić, D. Sladić, Z. Striković, T. R. Todorović, C. D. Muller, RSC Advances, 5 (2015) 95191-95211.
3.    K. Adaila, M. Milenković, A. Bacchi, G. Cantoni, M. Swart, M. Gruden-Pavlović, M. Milenković, B. Čobeljić, T. Todorović, K. Anđelković, Journal of Coordination Chemistry67 (2014) 3633-3648
4.    M. Zec, T. Srdic-Rajic, A. Krivokuca, R. Jankovic, T. Todorovic, K. Andelkovic, S. Radulovic, Medicinal Chemistry10 (2014) 759-771
5.    N. Filipovic, S. Grubisic, M. Jovanovic, M. Dulovic, I. Markovic, O. Klisuric, A. Marinkovic, D. Mitic, K. Andjelkovic, T. Todorovic, Chemical Biology & Drug Design84 (2014) 333–341
6.    N.R. Filipovic, I.D. Markovic, D.M. Mitic, N.Dj.  Polovic, M.K. Milcic, M. Dulovic, M. Jovanovic, M.D. Savic, M.P. Niksic, K.K. Andjelkovic, T.R. Todorovic, Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology28 (2014) 99-110
7.    N.R. Filipovic, N.Dj. Polovic, B.G. Raskovic, S.T. Misirlic-Dencic, M. Dulovic, M.D.  Savic, M.P. Niksic, D.M. Mitic, K.K.  Andjelkovic, T.R.  Todorovic, Monatshefte fur Chemie145 (2014) 1089-1099
8.    N.R. Filipovic, M. Borna, O.R. Klisuric, M. Pregelj, M. Jagodic, K.K. Andjelkovic, T.R. Todorovic, Journal of Coordination Chemistry, 66 (2013) 1549-1560.
9.    T.V. Srdic-Rajic, M.M. Zec, T.R.  Todorovic, K.K.  Andjelkovic, S.S.  Radulovic, Anti-cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry12 (2012) 1071-1080
10. T. Srdić-Rajić, M. Zec, T. Todorović, K. Anđelković, S. Radulović,  European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 46 (2011) 3734-3747



Main skills and expertise (up to 5)

1.      Synthesis and characterization (NMR, MS, IR, UV/Vis, XRD, TG-DSC) of organic and metal containing antitumor agents
2.      Interactions of small molecules with biological macromolecules
3.      Mechanism of action and SAR of antitumor agents
4.      Structure and biological activity of coordination compounds
5.      Small molecule single crystal X-ray analysis


Main equipment/facilities available in the participants’ lab (up to 5)

1.      NMR 200 and 500 MHz
2.      HRMS
3.      FTIR
4.      DNA Gel Electrophoresis
5.      UV-Vis spectrophotometer


Short personal activity proposal for the COST Action CA15135 (max 1000 characters)

In our group a small-compound library was already created using a pharmacophore concept. The library consists of several classes of organic compounds: tubuline inhibitors (aroyl indoles and chalcones), ribonucleotide reductase and topoisomerase II inhibitors (chalcogensemicarbazones) and kinase inhibitors (thio- and selenoazoles). The library also contains coordination compounds with mentioned ligands, since complexes can exhibit less side effects and different bioactivities in comparison to metal-free ligands. General contribution to the project would be in development of new chemical entities. Further chemical exploration will be based on structure-activity relationship (SAR) analysis and molecular hybridization (MH) approach.  Results of SAR will be used to focus synthesis on the compounds most likely to be active. Starting compound library, were compounds are diversified at several attachment points of diversity, enables employment of MH approach. Hit compounds, with best pro-apoptotic activities from all groups, will be hybridized to dual and triple inhibitors in order to obtain even more active compounds.




Work Group preference: score from 1 (preferred) to 4 (not preferred)

Work Group of the CA15135 COST Action Score
WG1: Development of new chemical entities 1
WG2: Selection of biological targets and assessment of biological data 2
WG3: Development of chemical databases 3
WG4: Development of Computational methods for multiple ligand design and discovery 4