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53rd Annual Meeting of the European Society for Clinical Investigation (ESCI) Coimbra May 22-24 2019

28 January 2019


I am pleased to announce the the 53rd Annual Meeting of the European Society for Clinical Investigation (ESCI) which will be held from May 22-24, 2019 at the Vila Gale hotel in Coimbra, Portugal. This important meeting is organized by Paulo J. Oliveira and Catarina Oliveira, and intends to bridge fundamental research with clinical investigation and technology transfer, which is the main mission of ESCI. The 2019 Annual Scientific meeting will also incorporate the spirit of the Society and blend it with the cultural, educational, clinical and technological environment of the city, presenting symposia with actual and very relevant topics, which will foster networking and present to the delegates with the new developments in the respective fields.

There will 8 symposia dedicated to mitochondrial research, phagocyte biology, cardiology, hepatology, stem cell and RNA therapeutics, bioinformatics and machine learning, neurobiology of aging, and redox biology, most if not all of which are current research interests in our respective institutions. For the first time, we will have some pre-meeting courses dedicated to different topics.

Because of the low registration prices, I hope that we can have a large surge of abstract submissions and attendants to this meeting. There are ample opportunities for networking, for short oral presentations, and above all for building bridges from fundamental science to clinical practice.

Please see more information on our website: or our newsletter:

Thank you for your attention.

Paulo J. Oliveira