Mu.Ta.Lig - COST ACTION CA15135

1st Training School – MuTaLig COST Action – Austria, Vienna, February 08-10 2017

17 November 2016

The first Training School, entitled “Cheminformatics tools for MuTaLigChemotheca: design and implementation”, will be organized in order to identify young talented researchers and to increase their participation in the Action activities. One of the crucial COST Action goals is the creation of a cheminformaticsstandard platform where the participants can share the information about chemical entities in an appropriate exploitable digital format. The aim is to foster the cooperation between experimentalists and theoretical chemists towards defining and implementing the best practices. The advanced training school will combine a wide range of computational chemistry related to the creation of flexible and efficient chemical databases. The school is intended to bridge the gap between theory and practice in the definition of the most appropriate chemical format. It will bring students together to gain practical skills in combining theory and practice with specific case studies, with special emphasis on the use of the latest software available for computational chemistry.

It will be held in Vienna, 08 to 10 February 2017, with a limited number of trainees.

Specific outputs of the training school will be:

  • best practice in file formats and requirements for an easy and exhaustiveimplementation of chemical databases;
  • definition of most effectivecomputational tools (software and hardware) for the Chemotheca intensivevirtual screening simulations.
The applications for the Training School are closed. For any request, please contactthe local organizer at